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Based on the popular book: "Called Alongside—Ministering in the Spirit of an Armorbearer"

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  • Understanding the Call (what is an armorbearer/ duties of an armorbearer)
  • The Spirit of an Armorbearer (knowing the heart of your leader/flowing where you /seasons)
  • Qualifications of an Armorbearer / Adjutant
  • The Motives of the Heart
  • The Leading of the Lord and the Set Vision
  • Identifying Wrong Spirits
  • Absalom Spirit
  • Haman Spirit
  • Hazael Spirit
  • Jezebel Spirit
  • When it is Not Your Turn
  • War Among Adjutants
  • Brokenness
  • Being an Armorbearer in a Difficult Environment

Join the thousands who have been impacted by this training, based on the book "Called Alongside--Ministering in the Spirit of an Armorbearer." If you are ready for your and church to shift into the fullness of God's plan, then don't miss your opportunity to participate in this training. A training where after being taught the Godly principles of serving in a church, we have witnessed members spontaneously getting up and publically apologizing for their behavior to their pastors and even to fellow members.

Training in ministering in the spirit of an armorbearer

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